What our Customers have to say

  • When I rescued Ruffus he had lost most of the skin on this back from a flea allergy. He also had hot spots all over this back and sides. He also chewed his feet from a grass allergy. After using your wonderful spray the hot spots went away and most of his feet chewing. Have recommended to my friends that this product is awesome. Thankyou guys!

  • This beautiful rescue girl has been patiently waiting for her liquid gold to help alleviate the discomfort on her skin. She has now finished weaning her puppies so now it’s all about her. Thanks CanineCare Probiotic for taking care of the rescues.

  • Thanks so much for sending out the probiotic spray so quickly/ Floyd had scratched head and was not healing well. Spraying everyday for 7 days did the trick and now has healed and hair is finally growing back . Great product so easy to use and he let me spray it on