I have just started using this product for my Lab who gets environmental allergies. She was constantly scratching and gnawing at her skin and was obviously uncomfortable. Since using this spray this has reduced to very seldom and she is a much more content dog. I'm sure in time her scratching and gnawing will be non existent. Thank you so much! This product has been a lifesaver. Ella sincerely thanks you too🐶


Freddie is a jack Russell and commonly JR'S get itchy skin. I have been using the product for a week now and the redness is gone and he isn't itching or licking anymore ! can't thank you enough for the relief for our boy !


When I rescued Ruffus he had lost most of the skin on this back from a flea allergy. He also had hot spots all over this back and sides. He also chewed his feet from a grass allergy. After using your wonderful spray the hot spots went away and most of his feet chewing. Have recommended to my friends that this product is awesome. Thankyou guys!


I was bit unsure if this product would work, as have tried alot of different products, including medication from vet with zero results. But this spray does work, my dog has not licked his itchy tummy or paws since I sprayed him. Very impressed


This beautiful rescue girl has been patiently waiting for her liquid gold to help alleviate the discomfort on her skin. She has now finished weaning her puppies so now it’s all about her. Thanks CanineCare Probiotic for taking care of the rescues.


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