CanineCare Probiotic FAQS

Why should I use CanineCare Probiotic?

We believe in using probiotics over chemicals for your animals health care. Our topical spray is effective and safe for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions. Introducing gut pre and probiotics provides nuerous health benefits. 

How do I apply CanineCare Probiotic Topical? 

Simply spray directly to the site of the minor infection. This is fairly easy with short haired dogs or on the belly but with long haired dogs you may need to assist access to the skin by massaging in. With paws, simply spray directly on, separating the toes gently if necessary. 

How do I administer the gut products?

Our gut pre and probiotic formulas are supplied in a dual chamber bottle with measurements on the side of the chamber. Simply squeeze to the correct dosage for your size dog and add to food twice weekly. 

How long will a bottle of CanineCare Gut Probiotic or Prebiotic last?

Our gut products are in 250ml bottles so if your dog is under 15kg, the recommended dosage rate of 5ml twice a week will last 6 months. If your dog is over 15kg, the dosage rate of 10ml twice a week will last 3 months. 

How fast will I see results with the Topical Spray?

With the topical spray there are many variables in the time it takes to see results. We have had reports of red inflamed skin changing colour to healthy pink in a matter of minutes, however most cases will take days or possibly weeks to see results. It can take time for the beneficial microbes to outcompete the pathogens causing the minor infection. Most cases we would expect to see results in a week or two. Your dog should be feeling more comfortable within days of starting treatment. 

How fast will I see results with the Gut products?

It normally takes 2-3 weeks for gut probiotics to improve your animals health. It takes time for our "good guys" to outnumber and overwhelm the less desirable bacteria residing in the gut. This can provide numerous health benefits to your pets including supporting absorbtion of nutrients and aiding immune system functions. You may notice a reduction in flatulence a lot faster though. 

Is CanineCare Probiotic safe for puppies, older and immunocompromised dogs?

Our products are perfect for all of the above. Natural, safe and gentle CanineCare Probiotic Topical and Gut have no harmful ingredients.

What if my dog tries to lick the spray off?

There is nothing harmful or toxic to your dog if they lick CanineCare Probiotic off, but to prevent this from happening you can distract your dog with food or exercise straight after applying. 

Can I use other products with CanineCare Probiotic Topical?

We recommend not using other topical treatments with our probiotic spray. Many of these including natural oils, washes and creams will contain antimicrobial properties which will eliminate the “good guys” in our spray. 

Oral medication may affect our spray so get in touch with us and our vet can assess these on a case by case basis. 

What size bottle should I get? 

CanineCare Probiotic Topcial comes in two convenient sizes. The 250ml is best for small infected areas such as pododermatitis or ringworm and smaller dogs. If you have a large dog with larger areas of minor irritated skin, or more than one animal, the 500ml may be more suitable. 

Our gut formulas come in a 250ml bottle. For a small dog this is sufficient for 6 months supply and a medium/large dog (over 15kg) this will last 6 months. 

Does CanineCare Probiotic have an expiry date?

As a living product CanineCare Probiotic has a best before date of 8 months to ensure your product is at its optimum efficacy. It will last beyond this date but may not be as effective. 

Is CanineCare Probiotic locally made?

Yes, all of our products are made here in NZ. Our CanineCare Gut probiotic and prebiotic bottles are also made in NZ with curbside recycled plastic.

Is CanineCare Probiotic Eco-friendly?

Our probiotic formula is about as eco-friendly as you can get. The extensive use of chemicals in our environment has dramatically affected the biodiversity of microbes around us. CanineCare Probiotic Topical and Gut is great for your animal, you and the environment. The bottles for our gut products are made here in NZ from curbside recycled plastic and our topical spray bottles are also recyclable. Our postage bags are 100% recycled content and our stockists often receive their product in reused wine boxes from the supermarket (trust me, we don't drink all of it!). Not the most professional look but we would rather recycle. 

Will the spray stain my white dogs hair?

There may be some discolouration during use if you have a white dog as our spray is a reddish/brown colour. It doesn't stain so once treatment has stopped your dogs hair colour will return to normal within a few days.