CanineCare GUT Probiotic 250ml

To promote and maintain a healthy gut. 

  • provides numerous health benefits
  • aids immune system function
  • reduces flatulence
  • supports the absorption of nutrients

Suitable for domestic pets. 

5ml twice weekly up to 15kg, 10ml twice weekly over 15kg

250ml bottle contains 6 months supply for a small dog and 3 months for a medium-large dog.

For best results use in conjunction with CanineCare Prebiotic...a food source for the good microbes! For added value see our CanineCare Probiotic Pack. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Awesome addition to the dogs meal twice a week.

Ngaire Walker
Gut probiotic

My dog is not biting at his paws so much and less flatulence

Nicky Watkins

Great service and a great product

Kim Burford
CanineCare GUT Probiotic

Brought for one of my dogs that sometimes has bad breath. Figured she just needed a little helping hand so I tried this product and it cleared the issue up quickly.
Would recommended this to anyone to try.

Johan Wilken
Great products and even better service.

I got this 2 weeks ago initially because my frenchie had a yeast infection on her paws. The sparay has dine wonders in relief for the itching of her paws. It cleared it up within a week and has maintained and reduced itching with grass allergies as well. The prebiotic to her food has relieved a problematic stomachache and books ever since she was on a week coarse of antibiotics for a eye infection and has seen her appetite restored with better bowl movement. Her coat has never been as shiny and healthy as it is. She had a severe dog acne outbreak on her lips and mouth and the dpray has healed and calmed all inflation, restoring her squishy velvety lips. Honestly can't recommend these products highly enough and the bussines owners care enough to request updates on how she faired on the treatment.

Thank you. ,I have revered both strangers and friends to your products