CanineCare Probiotic Topical 250ml

CanineCare Probiotic is an easy, non-toxic, and effective way of treating your dog for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions.

Simply spray directly to the site of infection until symptoms are cleared. 

A 250 ml bottle is best for small infected areas such as pododermatitis, yeasty paws, ringworm, general itchiness or odour and smaller dogs. Other skin conditions CanineCare Probiotic may be effective against are listed on our Will it help my dog page

Our spray is good for your dog, you, and the environment. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Emily Coll
I was very suprised!

After trying $100's of dollars worth of treatment and cleaning very yeasty ears I honestly didn't think this would work. The first couple of weeks were hard, he really didn't like me putting it into his ears BUT I am so glad I persevered. I cleaned his ears last night and it's the first time I've hardly had anything come out on the wipes. His ears aren't as smelly and he seems to be less stressed about them .I AM SO HAPPY. I really hope this is the start of it completely clearing up. I should also should mention I have changed him to grain free food but I was seeing improvements before he started that, just with the spray. THANK YOU! IF IT CONTINUES TO IMPROVE WILL 100% BUY AGAIN.

Jose Fuller

My jack Russell had severe itching and hair missing all around her back area. With a week we could see her hair growing back and no more itchy skin.
Highly recommend this product. She also loved the free sample of biscuits. Thanks so much 😊

Lynn Hamilton
Miracle Cure

After 4-5 sprays my little dog stopped incessantly licking her front paws
Thank goodness, this spray has saved us a lot of $$ at the vets . Lucky my daughter found it for us . Very grateful

Good work Lynns daughter! Glad your little girl is feeling better.

leigh ellis

This product has helped my dog so much nearly cleared her itchiness within seven days . Highly recommend.

Leanne Watts

great product