CanineCare Probiotic Complete Care Pack

Probiotic care inside and out with our triple pack. CanineCare Gut Probiotic, Prebiotic and Topical spray.

Promote and maintain a healthy gut and feed the beneficial gut microflora of your domestic pet.  Topical spray for minor skin conditions. Save $20. 

All of our products are natural, non-toxic and safe for your animal. 

CanineCare Gut Probiotic

  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Aids immune system functions
  • Reduces flatulence
  • Supports absorption of nutrients

CanineCare Gut Prebiotic

  • Contains trace elements
  • Nutritional supplement to maintain health
  • Carbon source

Topical spray

  • Relieves minor itching
  • Aids treatment of minor secondary infections
  • Just spray on

 Gut prebiotic is a proprietary blend containing approx Silicon 63 ppm, Manganese 12 ppm, Copper 8 ppm, Zinc 7 ppm, Boron 2.2 ppm, Cobalt .73 ppm, Selenium .23 ppm, Molybdenum .12 ppm plus Carbon 4% ppm=parts per million. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lynn Hughes
A miracle for my little girl!

Have used this only twice my shih tzu was always nibbling at her fur. There was an instant improvement the first time she had it and now her paws are returning back to white.

Judy Thomson

My dog is not scratching as much since I have been using this product on his food. He hasn't got any hot spots on his skin so i have not used the spray on solution yet. Thank you for the prompt service and delivery.

Erin Barclay

Not so sure so far....i have a fussy pooch who is not that fussed on the pre and pro biotic flavou

Hi Erin...thanks for your review. In this case I would try feeding the products at seperate times. We haven't yet found a dog who doesn;t like the taste of the probiotic so I would be very surprised if it was that. The prebiotic can sometimnes take a bit more of getting used to although most dogs are fine. It is really good for their gut though so might be worth perservering with? Keep in touch with how you get on. Thanks Donna

Di Dobson
Probiotic care pack

The thick product my dogs are not too fussed on, so I'm currently adding it to dog meatball mix, cooking off slightly then freezing, they love these frozen treats

CM Jensen
Finally... Something that works! Absolutely stoked.

We have been using this product with our 7year old Lab x, and already noticing a difference. His skin itch has reduced immensely already and his coat is shiner and softer. Looking forward to continuing to see the improvements with our boy after being at a loss particularly with his itchy skin for a number of months.
Would highly recommend these products, and the amazing service received. Thank You.