CanineCare Probiotic Gut Health Duo

Promote and maintain a healthy gut and feed the beneficial gut microflora of your domestic pet with our duo pack....and save $10!

Both products are natural, non-toxic and safe for your animal. 

CanineCare Gut Probiotic

  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Aids immune system functions
  • Reduces flatulence
  • Supports absorption of nutrients

CanineCare Gut Prebiotic

  • Contains trace elements
  • Nutritional supplement to maintain health
  • Carbon source

5ml twice weekly up to 15kg, 10ml twice weekly over 15kg

250ml bottle contains 6 months supply for a small dog and 3 months for a medium-large dog.

Gut prebiotic is a proprietary blend containing approx Silicon 63 ppm, Manganese 12 ppm, Copper 8 ppm, Zinc 7 ppm, Boron 2.2 ppm, Cobalt .73 ppm, Selenium .23 ppm, Molybdenum .12 ppm plus Carbon 4% ppm=parts per million. 

Customer Reviews

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TS Norden-Ross
Caninecare gut duo

Our dog has stopped eating grass and doesn't seem to be locking his paws as much. He has only been on it for two weeks. I am very Impressed

Kirsty Barry
Picky Eater Loves It

I brought this product from a recommendation off a Facebook page for Pomeranians. My boy is 5 and has thrown up anything and everything we have served him. So I brought this product with thinking it was going to be part of the throw up pile. BUT no!! He ate it first go!! It’s been two days and no vomit. Good Pooh and a happy dog. He’s not smelly and just seems happy. I’m a little shocked but really impressed and happy with the product.
We are going to keep using to help our boy. Yay something that works.


Excellent product our dogs have grass allergies and this has removed it highly recommended our second order now

Kim m

CanineCare Probiotic Gut Health Duo

Probotic gut health duo

Hi being giving my 10 year old poodle/bishon with her food the last 2 it normal for her to poo more ?

Hi Denise. Thanks for choosing us for your pets gut health. Some animals may experience an increase in bowel movements or mild changes in stool consistency when first starting probiotics, which often normalize over time as the gut microbiota adapts. Our blend of beneficial bacteria helps restore balance to the gut microbiome, which can influence bowel function. It also improves digestion, and enhances nutrient absorption, and should contribute to healthier bowel movements. Let us know if there are any changes in the next few weeks. You should also notice her coat becoming shinier and softer. Thanks Donna